Check back later in the summer for updates on the 2020-21 Curling Season. Information will be posted and shared with members as it becomes available.

For those who purchased Jackets, you will be contacted when they are available.

  1. Is there instruction available?
  2. What equipment do I need to curl?
  3. How cold is it on the curling rink?
  4. How long are the games?
  5. How am I assigned to a team?
  6. What if I join a team and cannot make a game?
  7. What is a bonspiel?
  8. Is there much socializing with curling?
  9. What is Open Doubles and how do you play it?


Is there instruction available?

At the beginning of each season we offer "Try Curling" sessions for beginners and for those thinking of joining the Centre.

We also offer a 5-session introduction to curling in the fall -  "Learn to Curl 101".  You do not need to be a member of the Center to participate.  Cost for the clinic is $50 plus HST.  If you choose to join the Centre following the clinic, the $50 is deducted from your Membership fee.  For more information on our Membership categories - CLICK HERE.

In addition, we offer "Curl Better" Clinics for members throughout the season. 

For the really keen, our Ice Technician, Dave Pallen, is available for hire for individual or group lessons.

We also offer 2 Instructional Programs for our young curlers:
  - Junior Program (ages 12-20 years)
  - Little Rock Program (ages 6-11 years)

What equipment do I need to curl? 

  1. Clean flat soled shoes that you do not wear outside.
  2. Curling broom.  The Centre has curling brooms you may use.  Once you decide you want to continue, you may wish to purchase a much newer and lighter broom!
  3. Warm clothing that does not shed fibres. Layers are ideal in case you get too hot.
  4. Gloves and hat (optional).
  5. Slider and Gripper.  The Centre has both sliders and grippers you may use while you decide if the sport is for you.  If you wish to continue playing, sliders and grippers, as well as curling shoes, are available for purchase from our Pro Shop at very competitve rates.

How cold is it on the curling rink? 

Most people curl in a light jacket or a heavy sweater.

How long are the games?

All but the Friday Night league play 8-end games.  An 8-end game usually lasts 2 hours.  Friday Night games are 6-ends and last around 1-1/2 hours.

How am I assigned to a team?

At the beginning of the season leagues are formed.

For the Recreational Leagues, the League Convenor makes up teams from those registered.  Part way through the season, teams change and you will be assigned to a new team.  As best we can, teams are made up of both experienced and new curlers.

For the Choose your own Team Leagues, participatnts register as a team. 

Individuals and pairs looking to join a "Choose Your Own" team sign up as "Free Agents" and may be selected by skips who need players.

What if I join a team and cannot make a game?

Each league has a list of spares that can fill in for you.  It is your responsibility to try to find a spare and to notify your skip that you will not be able to make the game and the name of the person sparing for you if you were successful in finding someone.

What is a bonspiel?

A bonspiel is a form of tournament. Bonspiels are held both during the week and on weekends. Anyone who wishes to curl in a bonspiel has the opportunity to sign up in advance when it is announced. Bonspiels are held at our club and at other clubs around the area. An entry fee is charged for participation.

Is there much socializing with curling?

One of the main reasons a lot of people curl is for the social aspect. You will get the opportunity to meet many people who live and work in the St. Catharines-Niagara area. Socializing takes place on the ice and after the game.

Open Doubles

CLICK HERE for information on what the game is and how to play it.  While this article is about "Mixed" Doubles - "Open" Doubles is essentially the same with the exception that there can be any combination of men and women on a team.

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